How to buy?

To purchase the goods you need, follow these steps:

       1. Select the item you are interested in.

       2. Make sure we have the right quantity of goods in stock.

       3. Add the required quantity to your shopping cart.

       4. If you need to purchase several different items, repeat the procedure for each item.

       5. If the web page does not automatically select the SHOPPING BASKET, press the shopping cart icon.

       6. Make sure the selected item and its quantity are correct. Select the country to which the goods will be shipped and indicate the     

           region and zip code to calculate the cost of the goods with delivery. Then press RECEIVE with the final amount displayed.

           Throughout Estonia delivery is free.

        7. Press the CREATE ORDER button.

        8. Fill in the box: Complete the VISITOR order, then press CONTINUE.

        9. Fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk (required).

        10. If the registered address of the customer and the delivery address of the goods are different, fill in the required field and press


         11. Fill in all the fields marked in red, then press GO.

         12. Once you reach point 5, tick the appropriate box to pay for the item and press CONTINUE.

         13. At the last point, check the correctness of the item, its quantity and the method of delivery, and then press the ORDER button.

         14. Click on the bank icon of your choice to enter the bank to pay for the goods.

         15. After making a payment at the bank of your choice, press the BACK TO MERCHANT button.